U.S. stock futures are lower in pre-market trading for Monday, May 23. The Dow Futures are down 19 points to 17,463.0. The S&P 500 Futures are down 2.5 points to 2,047.5. The Nasdaq Futures are lower at 4,358.5 for a loss of 3.75 points. The Russell Futures are also lower at 1,110.3 for a loss of -1.50 points.

In overnight trading in the Eastern Hemisphere, trading is mixed. In Asia, Japan’s Nikkei is at 16,654.60 for a loss of -81.75 points or -0.49 percent. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index is at 19,809.03 for a loss of -43.17 points or -0.22 percent. The Shanghai Composite in China is higher at 2,843.65 for a gain of 18.16 points or 0.64 percent. The S&P BSE Sensex Index is at 25,230.36 for a loss of -71.54 points or -0.28 percent and the NSE Nifty Index is lower at 7,731.05 for a loss of -18.65 points or -0.24 percent. The Asia Dow is slightly higher at 2,580.83 for a gain of 10.94 points or 0.43 percent.

In Europe, market trading is broadly lower. The FTSE 100 is at 6,146.56 for a loss of -9.76 points or -0.16 percent. The FTSE 250 is at 16,982.40 for a gain of 60.34 points or 0.36 percent. Germany’s DAX is lower at 9,851.12 for a loss of -64.90 or -0.65 percent. France’s CAC 40 is lower at 4,315.32 for a loss of -38.58 points or -0.89 percent. The Stoxx Europe 600 is lower at 336.42 for a loss of -1.59 points or -0.47 percent. The Europe Dow is lower at 1,515.73 for a loss of -10.22 points or -0.67 percent.

Monday’s Factors and Events

The week ahead includes a long list of prominent economic indicators for the market and Federal Reserve to digest as June’s Fed meeting is only a few weeks away. On Monday will be the PMI Manufacturing Index Report which is expected to remain flat. Also on Monday will be Fed speeches from James Bullard, John Williams and Patrick Harker.

In pre-market trading, stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average trading actively include Microsoft which is down -0.22% at $50.51. Other stocks trading actively include Alcoa, Red Hat, Carnival, NVIDIA, Qorvo, Archer Daniels and Gilead Sciences.

Friday’s Activity

On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed higher at 17,500.94 for a gain of 65.54 points or 0.38 percent. The S&P 500 was also higher at 2,052.32 for a gain of 12.28 points or 0.60 percent. The Nasdaq Composite was higher at 4,769.56 for a gain of 57.03 points or 1.21 percent.


Source: DJIA, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite. Google Finance.

Other notable index closes in the U.S. included the small-cap Russell 2000 closing higher at 1,112.28 for a gain of 17.50 points or 1.60 percent; the S&P 600 closing at 680.89 for a gain of 9.92 points or 1.48 percent; the S&P 400 Mid-Cap Index closing at 1,450.11 for a gain of 19.01 points or 1.33 percent; the Russell 3000 closing at 1,208.08 for a gain of 8.93 points or 0.74 percent; and the Dow Jones U.S. Select Dividend Index closing at 579.89 for a gain of 2.82 points or 0.49 percent.