U.S. stock futures lower  in pre-market trading for , October 02.The Dow Futures is trading at 26,597.00  with a loss of  -0.30% percent or  -81.00 point.The S&P 500 Futures is trading at 2,922.75  with a loss of  -0.25% percent or -7.25 point.The Nasdaq Futures is trading at 7,641.25  with  a loss of -0.45% percent or -34.25 point.

In overnight trading in the Eastern Hemisphere, Japan’s Nikkei 225 is trading at 24,270.62 up with +0.10% percent or +24.86 point. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is trading at 27,113.60  with  a loss of -2.43% percent or -674.92 point. China’s Shanghai Composite is trading at 2,821.35  up with +1.06% percent or  +29.58 point. India’s BSE Sensex is trading at 36,526.14 up with  +0.83% percent or +299.00 point at 12:15 PM.The FTSE 100 is trading at 7,469.09 with  a loss of -0.35% percent or -26.58 point. Germany’s DAX is trading at 12,243.02 with a loss of – 0.78% percent or -96.01 point. France’s CAC 40 is trading at 5,467.37   with a loss of -0.72% percent or  -39.44 point. The Stoxx Europe 600 is trading at 381.67  with a loss of  -0.59% percent or -2.28 point.

Tuesday’s Factors and Events

Markets around the globe are seeing red Tuesday, with markets in Asia and Europe trading mostly lower. U.S. futures pulled back too, following a stellar session Monday. The Dow closed up almost 200 points, with the S&P 500 also rising, after news emerged that Canada had joined the U.S. and Mexico in a new trade deal.

Set to be signed at the end of November, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or “USMCA” for short, will see all three countries compromise on certain trade aspects. More market access will be granted to U.S. dairy farmers, while Canada has agreed to effectively cap automobile exports to the States.

Monday’s Activity

For the day the Dow is trading at 26,651.21  up with +0.73% percent or +192.90 point. The S&P 500 is trading at 2,924.59 up with +0.36% percent or +10.61  point. The Nasdaq Composite is trading at 8,037.30  with a loss of -0.11% percent or -9.05 point.

Other leading market index closes included the small-cap Russell 2000 Index closed at1,672.99   with a loss of  -1.39% percent or -23.58 point; the S&P 600 Small-Cap Index closed at 1,046.64  with a loss of -1.44% percent or  -15.28 point; the S&P 400 Mid-Cap Index closed at 2,004.19 with a loss of -0.76% percent or -15.36 point; the S&P 100 Index closed at 1,300.84  up with  +0.51% percent or +6.57 point; the Russell 3000 Index closed at 1,729.20 up with +0.15% percent or +2.67 point; the Russell 1000 Index closed at 1,619.09 up with  +0.28% percent or +4.55 point;